Friday, August 15, 2014

Even more summer 2014 pics

She filled in for the 8u

McKayla Scudder, Madalyn Hudnall, Reagan Farley, Bay

The 8u she filled in for

Questions 16-19 Bayleigh rushed through without reading the directions. Technically she got 16&17 right! I said, that's a sloppy 8 on 17. She said mom! It's the symbol for infinity! LMAO!!!

More 2014 summer pics

Matt Mason

4th Grader and catching up

On August 5th, 2014, Bayleigh started 4th grade. It doesn't even seem like I should be saying that. She spent most of her summer playing softball 4 nights per week and as if yesterday, August 14th, 2014, we've accepted an offer for her to begin travel ball. We learned very quickly that travel ball is a dog eat dog world. It almost resulted in severed friendships numerous times. Tensions were high and words were hurtful and ugly. Loyalties were lost in the process, but it's for the best. My child is my number one priority. She tried out for 4 teams and technically made all 4. The one they declined her but offered her the alternate spot. The decline came as a result of her commitment to her Wild team for fall ball which ended up falling through, but they still wanted her. She was a rockstar at that tryout too! I was/am proud of her! Here's a few pics of our summer. The first is her first day of 4th grade. The kids with her are her best friend Brooke and her brother Brayton who rode the bus to school with her her first day! 

She slept for 3 hours after coming home!

Mother's Day